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Become BIM Expert & Elevate Your Career with In-Demand BIM Expertise:

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? Unlock your professional potential by mastering Building Information Modelling (BIM) at our leading BIM Training Institute in Lucknow. Our effective BIM Training in Lucknow is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC).

Mastering BIM for a Dynamic Career:

  • Gain a 50% average CTC hike with our industry-relevant BIM
  • Benefit from guaranteed career guidance to steer your professional
  • Experience dedicated mentor support throughout your BIM
  • Immerse yourself in real-world projects for hands-on industry

Our Tools

Revit Architecture

Optimizes all processes involved in architectural design and documentation, using BIM course in lucknow to increase productivity and collaboration.

Revit Structure

Allows structural design and detailing to be completely built into a stabilized BIM context,
enhancing participant conception and project outcome.

Revit MEP

Expands the organization and cooperation in a centralized BIM platform through the design and
documentation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing structures.


This makes it simpler for project teams to identify and resolve conflicts in a 3D model, which
reduces errors and improves the quality of the project.


Enables accurate and effective modeling of building structures by connecting with building
information modeling (BIM) methods to provide strong structural analysis and design expertise.


Implements BIM data to improve project scheduling and planning, allowing for greater project
management and better decision-making through project development.

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Why Learn BIM: Unlocking Your Professional Potential

BIM is not just a tool, it’s a transformative technology that revolutionizes the AEC industry.

Visualization: BIM enables realistic project visualization, enhancing stakeholder understanding and identifying potential issues early in the design phase. Join our BIM course in Lucknow and position yourself at the forefront of industry innovation. Be part of the future of the built environment with comprehensive training, practical experience, and a pathway to a dynamic career. Enroll now and become a BIM expert!

Corporate Training

Introduction to BIM Course in Lucknow

  • History of BIM
  • Elements of BIM
  • BIM Maturity Level
  • Right Structure of BIM
  • Stages of BIM : Delivery Methods, BIM Workflow
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Project Execution Process
  • Developing Information Exchanges

Instant Inquiry

BIM Course Structure

  • BIM Modelling

    -Levels and Grids
    -Walls & Complex Walls
    -Joineries & Furniture
    -Create Floors & Roofs
    -Curtain Walls & Stairs
    -Conceptual Energy Analysis
    -Documentation & Schedules
    -Site Design & Family Creation
    -Link Projects & Collaboration

  • Parametric Structural Modelling

    -Structural Column
    -Structural Beam
    -Structural Walls & Floors
    -Steel Structures
    -Structural Foundation
    -Structural Slabs & Openings
    -Structural Analysis
    -Construction Documents

  • Building Estimation & Costing with Simulation ( 5D BIM)

    -Reviewing the model
    -Exploring your model
    -Simulation - Time-liner
    -Animate Objects
    -Manual Takeoff Tools
    -Automatic Takeoff Tools
    -Validation & Reports

  • BIM for Facility Management

    -Work sharing
    -Family Creation
    -Symbols & Annotations
    Mechanical Design
    -Mechanical System & Duct Work
    -Mechanical Piping System
    -Electrical Design
    -Fire Alarm Model
    -Plumbing Design
    -Drafting & Detailing

  • Project Management ( choose 1 ) Primavera / MSPROJECT

    -Project management framework
    -Project Initiation & Planning
    -Project Execution
    -Monitoring & Controlling Process
    -MSP road Map
    -Task and its relationship
    -Work Breakdown Structure
    -Resource Analysis & levelling
    -Earned Value Analysis

  • Primavera

    -Work Breakdown Structure
    -Activities & Relationships
    -Constraints & Codes
    -Roles & Resources
    -Resource Analysis & Levelling
    -Updating Project Progress
    -Tracking Project Progress
    -UDF & Reports

  • Analytical Modelling : ETABS

    -Modeling of Building Structure
    -Object Editing Tools
    -Property Specification
    -Loads & load combination
    -Analysis of Building System
    -Concrete Frame Design
    -Shear Wall Design
    -Steel Frame Design
    -Steel Connection & Joist Design
    -Detailing & Documentation

  • Capstone Project:

    -Apply acquired skills to a real-world project.
    -Receive personalized feedback and guidance.

Course Highlights:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

-Explore a diverse range of modules covering fundamental to advanced concept of BIM course in lucknow.
-Hands-on learning with industry-standard BIM tools

Experienced Instructors:

- Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in BIM implementation.
-Access to real-world case studies and projects

Interactive Learning Environment:

• Collaborative workshops and discussions to enhance practical understanding.
• Stay updated with the latest BIM trends and technologies.

Skill Development:

o Acquire in-demand skills relevant to the AEC industry.
o Boost your proficiency with hands-on experience.

Industry Recognition:

o Acquire in-demand skills relevant to the AEC industry.
o Boost your proficiency with hands-on experience.

Networking Opportunities:

o Connect with industry professionals and peers.
o Access to exclusive events and forums.

Job Opportunities:

Explore a variety of career paths with our BIM course in lucknow:

Who Can Learn?

Learning BIM is not just about acquiring a skill; it’s about positioning yourself at the forefront of industry innovation, opening doors to exciting career opportunities, and contributing to the future of the built environment. Take the leap into BIM and chart a course for a rewarding and impactful professional journey.

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BIM Training in Lucknow